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How the drivers rank after 19 races

Driver averages based on individual race ratings and position change from previous race.

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Autosport average ratings

Driver Rating Change
1 Lewis Hamilton 8.47 -
2 Max Verstappen 8.37 -
3 Carlos Sainz 8.32 -
4 George Russell 7.89 -
5 Charles Leclerc 7.79 -
6 Sergio Pérez 7.74 -
7 Valtteri Bottas 7.58 Up 2
8 Lando Norris 7.53 Down 1
9 Daniel Ricciardo 7.47 Up 1
10 Daniil Kvyat 7.42 Down 2
11 Alexander Albon 7.26 -
12 Nico Hülkenberg 7.26 -
13 Kimi R?ikk?nen 7.05 -
14 Sebastian Vettel 7.05 -
15 Kevin Magnussen 6.74 -
16 Romain Grosjean 6.53 -
17 Antonio Giovinazzi 6.42 -
18 Pierre Gasly 6.26 Up 1
19 Lance Stroll 6.16 Down 1
20 Robert Kubica 6.05 -

Reader average ratings

Driver Rating Change
1 Lewis Hamilton 8.27 -
2 Carlos Sainz 8.05 -
3 Max Verstappen 7.91 -
4 Charles Leclerc 7.67 -
5 Lando Norris 7.63 -
6 Valtteri Bottas 7.51 Up 2
7 George Russell 7.49 Down 1
8 Alexander Albon 7.42 Down 1
9 Daniel Ricciardo 7.24 Up 1
10 Sergio Pérez 7.18 Down 1
11 Nico Hülkenberg 7.02 Up 1
12 Daniil Kvyat 7.02 Down 1
13 Kimi R?ikk?nen 6.94 -
14 Sebastian Vettel 6.76 -
15 Kevin Magnussen 6.36 -
16 Antonio Giovinazzi 5.96 -
17 Pierre Gasly 5.95 -
18 Romain Grosjean 5.74 -
19 Lance Stroll 5.56 -
20 Robert Kubica 5.41 -
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Race-by-race analysis

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US Grand Prix

F1's pre-eminent driver performed immaculately on the day he was crowned champion for a sixth time, but he nevertheless failed to score full marks while others succeeded thanks to polished performances all weekend at Austin

Mexican Grand Prix

Formula 1's three leading teams all looked to be in contention for victory during the 2019 Mexican Grand Prix, but only one of the six drivers at those squads earned a perfect score

Japanese Grand Prix

The absolute stars of Suzuka were two regular underdog heroes, but a recent winner had his poorest weekend of the year and a tailender earns one of the worst ratings scores of 2019 so far for both on and off-track reasons

Russian Grand Prix

As nobody got it quite right at the head of the Russian Grand Prix order, it was two midfielders who instead turned in the most impressive performances - though only one earned full marks in our ratings

Singapore Grand Prix

Victory in the Singapore Grand Prix ended Sebastian Vettel's long win drought, but he was among a handful of contenders to just miss out on a perfect score in our ratings - something only one driver achieved

Italian Grand Prix

The 2019 Italian Grand Prix was a thriller, with Charles Leclerc seeing off the Mercedes challenge to take a famous home win for Ferrari. There were plenty of talking points in the action, but only one driver earned a perfect score

Belgian Grand Prix

One racer earned full marks in our Belgian Grand Prix driver ratings, which should come as little surprise after a near-flawless performance from both driver and team

Hungarian Grand Prix

The Hungarian Grand Prix featured a stunning battle for victory, but neither man involved in that received full marks in our driver ratings, as a breakthrough weekend for one of this season's under-the-radar stars earned the only top score

German Grand Prix

A German Grand Prix that had just about everything resulted in a predictably wild range of scores in our driver ratings. But while there were a number of impressive performers, only one driver earned a perfect 10

British Grand Prix

Despite a number of impressive British Grand Prix performances, no driver achieved a perfect 10 in our ratings - though one midfielder, who didn't score a point, came close

Austrian Grand Prix

Two drivers scored full marks in our Austrian Grand Prix driver ratings, but only one of those was part of the fascinating battle for victory in the final laps

French Grand Prix

The 2019 French Grand Prix may not have been the most exciting spectacle, but there were still plenty of performances that have earned praise

Canadian Grand Prix

The 2019 Canadian Grand Prix will be remembered for being decided by a contentious penalty, but how did the field perform over the whole weekend?

Monaco Grand Prix

Our full-marks performers from the Monaco Grand Prix were one of the members of the lead battle and a man who put in a performance worthy of a race win further down the field. But others cost themselves marks with scruffy errors and poor decisions

Spanish Grand Prix

Just one driver managed full marks in the Spanish Grand Prix, with five others narrowly falling short of a perfect return in a race where fine margins proved crucial

Azerbaijan Grand Prix

"Mysterious" performances, lacklustre drives and some very costly errors prompted several low scores in our Baku ratings - but one driver in a midfield team proved flawless

Chinese Grand Prix

Many drivers caught the eye with strong race day performances in China, but only one earned a perfect score in our rankings - and that person didn't finish anywhere near the podium

Bahrain Grand Prix

Three drivers achieved full marks for accomplished performances in Bahrain, but while the majority of runners earned high scores, those who were convincingly outperformed by their team-mates fared badly

Australian Grand Prix

Though there were some sublime performances over the Australian Grand Prix weekend, no one did quite enough to start the year with a perfect score. And for some of the drivers settling into new teams, Bahrain needs to be much, much better

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