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Revised LMES Season 2 launches with $200,000 prize The second season of the Le Mans Esports Series has launched with a brand-new format and a $200,000 ... 1572530716 LMES
Baldwin crowned World's Fastest Gamer Veloce Esports driver James Baldwin won the second-ever World's Fastest Gamer competition, scoping a... 1572444804 Esports
Nexl beats Armstrong to reclaim WRC Esports title 'LDLC Nexl' reclaimed the World Rally Championship Esports title by defeating former WRC2 driver Jon... 1570305823 Esports
Rasmussen closes points gap in latest Esports event Red Bull's Frederik Rasmussen took a brace of podium finishes in the second 2019 F1 Esports event to... 1570048813 Esports
eROC champion headlines new Digital Cup entries eROC champion James Baldwin is among the first drivers to be confirmed for the Esports element of th... 1569422316 Esports
The Spa flashpoint creating the rivalry Esports needs As racing Esports catapults in popularity, genuine attention-grabbing rivalries between its star dri... 1568747519 Esports
Hizal wins Austrian GT Nations Cup event Mikail Hizal took his first 2019 Gran Turismo Championship win of the year with a dominant performan... 1568493635 Esports
Mercedes wins back-to-back GT World Tour finals Mercedes was victorious in the fourth 2019 Gran Turismo World Tour event at Red Bull's Hangar-7 in A... 1568411783 Esports
Gasly: F1 Esports almost more exciting than real life Toro Rosso Formula 1 driver Pierre Gasly wants to get more involved in esports after watching the se... 1568364836 Esports
World's Fastest Gamer a "nightmare" test - Montoya Ex-Formula 1 driver Juan Pablo Montoya says the World's Fastest Gamer competition will be a "nightma... 1568295124 Esports
Ferrari's Tonizza dominates on F1 Esports debut David Tonizza won twice for Ferrari as it made its F1 Esports debut while defending champions Merced... 1568236269 Esports
Leigh guided by real-world Mercedes data Brendon Leigh has credited Mercedes with his dominant 2018 campaign ahead of the third Formula 1 Esp... 1568225699 Esports
Promoted: WRC 8's step towards simulation pays off With a more realistic physics model and revamped career mode, Kylotonn has taken the fight to curren... 1567695823 Esports
WRC8 reveals classic WRC roster ahead of launch WRC8 has revealed the list of classic World Rally Championship cars that will feature in the game, i... 1567613314 Esports
F1 reveals 30 finalists for 2019 Esports Series Formula 1 has revealed the drivers competing for each of the 10 teams ahead of the 2019 Esports Seri... 1567517520 Esports
DiRT Rally 2.0 World Championship launched The DiRT Rally 2.0 World Championship has been announced and includes a showpiece finale at the 2020... 1567429200 Esports
MotoGP Esports series reveals its 12 finalists A total of 12 gamers will take part in the 2019 MotoGP Esports series following a three-month qualif... 1567415645 Esports
Promoted: How WRC8 replicates real-world rallies In its latest developer diary, Kylotonn has explained how it manages to replicate all 14 rallies in ... 1567413464 Esports
Barrichello, Montoya invest in Esports company Formula 1 race winners Rubens Barrichello and Juan Pablo Montoya have invested in Millennial Esports... 1566824557 Esports
'Perfection' needed to take Esports crown from Leigh The Red Bull Esports team has admitted "perfection" will be needed for anybody to stop Mercedes'Bren... 1566568242 Esports
Promoted: Life on the pitwall with iGP Manager The season started terribly - you could even say embarrassingly. Then they went downhill in the midd... 1566291228 Esports
Alonso 'not just a figurehead' in new GRID game Codemasters has explained how two-time Formula 1 champion Fernando Alonso is more than just a 'figur... 1566220594 Esports
Promoted: The improved physics model for WRC 8 Following a two-year hiatus, WRC 8 marks the return of the popular officially licensed World Rally C... 1565962576 Esports
Drivers will need sim racing profiles to help career Team Redline boss Dom Duhan believes that every junior driver will need a sim racing profile soon if... 1564563114 Esports
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