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The engineering experts behind a BTCC Lazarus act An Italian engineering group is making waves in the BTCC with a resurrected project that many had long forgotten about
The failed gamble that began an F1 team's downfall Two small British teams came into 1979 hoping to build on promising grand prix debuts the year before. Where Williams went from strength to strength, Tony Southgate's Arrows A2 was wide of the mark
The rise and rise of motorsport education Motorsport-centric education is on the rise, and students at the Universities of Wolverhampton and Cranfield are reaping the benefits from their industry links
Why the first autonomous overtake is so significant Momentum is building towards Roborace's first season of competition in 2021, and Roborace CEO Lucas di Grassi thinks there's a lot to get excited about
Promoted: How to make a transmission survive an enduro Ricardo prides itself on having all the knowledge necessary to create winning transmission packages for GT customers. Take a look around and it's apparent why
When Sweden tried to create its own DTM Sweden's version of 'the split' resulted in a fleeting experiment with silhouette racing aimed at becoming a 'DTM Lite' that was doomed from the start, despite good intentions
The rule that saved a series from "dull" F1 issues Bickering over the merits of standard parts in the BTCC misses the point that the cream still rises to the top at season's end - and that's got a lot to do with the brains on the pitwall
The F1-level car that leaves drivers' brains spinning The new Super Formula Dallara SF19 is poles apart from the perceived wisdom about one-make racers. And that's because the Japanese series wants performance rather than cheap thrills
Why F1 should adopt open engine regulations Current hybrid units are beautiful works of engineering, but greater variation would allow technology to advance naturally
Promoted: Making power gains simple Putting VP Racing Fuel into your car can be just as effective a means of improving performance for club racers as bolting on a new set of tyres
Promoted: The unseen world of braking Formula 1 exists in its own sphere, but demands on brake suppliers in other motorsport disciplines are not so different, as a tour of AP Racing shows
Why Bathurst-winning engineers are finding their way in IMSA After scaling the heights of Mount Panorama, two top Supercars engineers are taking on a fresh challenge in sportscars
Is motorsport's forgotten team model being revived? The success of AmD Tuning in the early stages of this year's British Touring Car Championship suggests the could be a revival for a multi-chassis approach that is lost to single-seaters and rarely used elsewhere
The Penske general throttling back Clive Howell is one of the major forces in establishing 'The Penske Way'. His retirement after almost four decades at the team points to a changing of the guard
How motorsport is advancing the future of manufacturing Additive manufacturing is on an unstoppable rise and motorsport has had a crucial role to play
How F1-inspired safety tech is filtering down to the grassroots Lightweight bladder technologies developed by ATL have dominated F1 since 1988, but it's an altogether different crowd that the company wants to convert
How an aero revolution has transformed the WRC The new regulations introduced by the World Rally Championship in 2017 has changed the game for both drivers and engineers. Toyota and M-Sport's top men explain how.
F1's control gearbox search is just the start Autosport Engineering columnist Lucas di Grassi argues that a move to open applications for a control gearbox is a necessary first step to securing Formula 1's future
The tin-top team gunning to establish its own dynasty There are names with pedigree aplenty on the World Touring Car Cup grid. You have to delve a bit deeper to locate Lynk & Co's heritage, but there's plenty of reason to get excited about the team with exciting prospects for 2019
Why bringing back the ‘toys’ could make F1 closer Putting control back in the hands of the drivers has often been a simplistic answer to F1's lack of close racing. But ex-Lola and McLaren engineer Mark Williams explains why a return of sophisticated gizmos could solve the issue
The Indy 500 meeting that triggered an Australian Supercars revival Following in the footsteps of DJR Team Penske, Walkinshaw Racing is reaping rewards from its collaboration with Andretti Autosport and United Autosports
The legacy of Audi's engine architect Twenty years on from the Audi sportscar programme's debut at Sebring, meet Ulrich Baretzky - the driving force behind the four rings' success, who ironically never wanted to be an engineer
Why aero isn't F1's sole problem In his latest column for Autosport Engineering, Formula E ace Lucas di Grassi argues the inflexibility of modern circuit design is just as much to blame for Formula 1's current reliance on gimmicks as aerodynamics
The last budget Formula 1 car The HRT squad endured a hard and brief Formula 1 lifespan. But the team still managed to compete at the top level of single seaters despite its limited budget and restricted resources, etching itself into a part of the motorsport legend
How F1 tech reaches supermarkets, soldiers and saves babies From grand prix racing roots, Williams Advanced Engineering has quietly built a business credited with saving Formula E and advancing technology in various projects, but why does it prefer a low profile?
How to build a budget F1 car It's well known that money is a significant factor in a grand prix team's success, but what happens when there is very little of it to design and develop the car?
From Formula Student to Formula 1 Endorsement from a leading F1 technology supplier is a dream for Formula Student entrants. But what's in it for AVL RACING?
Why suspension design risks aren't worth it Ex-Lola and McLaren Formula 1 engineer Mark Williams explains why conservative suspension geometry pays dividends in racing car design
Why Porsche’s black sheep was doomed to fail Green shoots of potential were visible when Porsche raced in Indycars 30 years ago. But politics and technical complexity proved its undoing
The rise of the BTCC's underdog manufacturer Power Maxed Racing is one of the smaller teams on the British Touring Car Championship grid, but it is a fully fledged manufacturer. That arrangement suits the squad well
Roborace's 'Season Alpha' plan revealed Lucas di Grassi outlines the masterplan for the autonomous racing series' first season, and explains why he thinks Roborace is not a threat to motorsport but motorsport's best hope for a strong future
The hidden tool that F1 engineers rely on Race traces are the little known tool that reveal all the strategic insights teams need to know during a grand prix. Ex-McLaren Formula 1 engineer Mark Williams explains all
When simulation virtually becomes reality How one company is further blurring the boundaries between simulation and real-life track testing with its cutting-edge technology
The story behind F1's invisible advantage Sandwell UK specialises in an engineering process few will have heard of, but it's one used by F1 teams up and down the grid. Its founder, Colin McGrory, has worked with Adrian Newey and Ross Brawn, and is keen to highlight the benefits of shot peening
Why Formula E must go radical with Gen3 Outgoing Formula E champion Lucas di Grassi believes a rethink is necessary to ensure the electric series' continued relevance
Why DPi isn't all about Penske versus Joest Two of the great names of US sportscar racing are back on the scene, lured by IMSA's highly successful DPi platform. But the technical challenge has changed dramatically in their time away and reputation alone won't cut it
Why F1 designers can't be brave Ex-McLaren Formula 1 engineer Mark Williams explains why the current racers tend to look so similar
Motorsport's hidden champion Austrian engineering giant AVL RACING has all the skills and clout to take on Formula 1 teams at their own game, so why does it prefer to remain in the shadows as a supplier?
The man behind Japan's only Le Mans winner Toyota could finally break its Le Mans jinx next week, but it will come 27 years too late to be the first Japanese winner if it does. Nigel Stroud, the man who penned the iconic Mazda 787B, discusses the history-making machine
Why Formula E is so hard The electric racing series has a justifiable claim to be the toughest out there for drivers and teams to master. Here are the secrets behind motorsport's everest
The holy grail alternatives to a cost cap A cost cap in the region of $150million could be part of Liberty's post-2020 vision for Formula 1, but such a move might prove difficult to police - so what are the alternatives?
The remains of a sportscar stalwart still going strong It might not have produced a new car for several years, but famous British firm Lola is still involved in motorsport and is looking to do even more
Remembering a racing pioneer and deal-maker We pay tribute to Richard Lloyd, who had a huge impact on motorsport prior to his premature death on this day in 2008
How to work with your engineer Ex-McLaren Formula 1 engineer Mark Williams explains what drivers should and should not do to help improve their car
F1's forgotten Ferrari-inspired revolutionary An unloved Formula 1 project caught the eye during a recent visit to Italian design specialist Pininfarina. Although it never raced, the Sigma was a glimpse into a better, safer future
F1's other key safety innovation flying under the radar The halo has been one of the major talking points of the off-season, but there's another new safety innovation on the scene that has escaped the negative publicity
The case for automated systems in racing Lucas di Grassi is best known for his on-track exploits, but the reigning Formula E champion and ex-Formula 1 driver has a keen engineering mind as well. In this first instalment of his new Autosport Engineering column, he outlines his idea to bring racing's primitive driver warning systems into the 21st century, and help buy back time that could be crucial in avoiding serious accidents
From CART/Super Touring to being an unsung F1 hero Meet Autosport Engineering's new resident columnist, whose diverse career as an engineer and designer spans almost 40 years
How F3 led a serious player down an unexpected path F3 paddock luminary Alan Docking might not have an active race operation these days, but he's still involved in motorsport through his fabrication business
The UK government command racing should care about The government has mandated that 2018 is the Year of Engineering, but will it fix Britain's well-publicised engineering-skills shortfall and what contribution can the motorsport industry make?
The technicians that make Formula E tick Timing and scoring is largely taken for granted until the moment it doesn't work. Al Kamel Systems are responsible for its smooth running at Formula E events, and far more besides...
Do you have the engineering X-factor? Promoted: A partnership between Renault and INFINITI is uncovering the best young engineering talent from around the world - and next year you too could win a work placement at the Renault F1 team
X-Factor for F1 engineers Promoted: The INFINITI Engineering Academy is giving more young hopefuls - including 2017 European regional winner Damien Turlay - the chance to exhibit their talents in the search for the next generation of engineers

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